Free resources for Vulnerability Management

The All Hands to The Pump team have pulled together various free resources, if you require any further assistances please feel free to contact us, Also if you would like you resources shared here please let us know

Local Government Association report

Local Government Association have released their report Approaches to managing the night-time economy. This contents information on schemes across the UK and changes they are making to improve safety


LGBTQ+ Venue Forum, for support and resources

Events Operations Plan

This document has been developed by Safer Sounds to assist you in running a safer event.

Welfare And Vulnerability Engagement (WAVE) training

Welfare And Vulnerability Engagement (WAVE) training is a package developed to provide those working in the licensed industry with an awareness of vulnerability, their responsibilities it and how to deal with it

Featured Articles

A number of Towns and Cities across the UK, have been putting strategies in place to deal with safety and vulnerability management. Links below:

Women ‘at risk’ in Liverpool’s night-time economy

Bid to make Cheltenham safer at night for women

How to design safer cities for women.